The Silent Gospel - History of the Shroud
"an epic battle over a wordless testament"
Concept and material by James Andrew Barrett

Script co-written by
James Andrew Barrett
Joe Vetromile

WGA Registered
May 7, 2009

"Every so often a docudrama emerges that sets a standard far above the rest in its genre.  It raises the bar higher and challenges us all not to fear truth and discovery, but to embrace it.  The Silent Gospel is just such a screenplay."

This and much more is explored in this compelling docudrama.
The script is complete and ready for immediate review.

The Silent Gospel - History of the Shroud
chronicles an 800-year silent war between two of the world’s most powerful multinational organizations, “The Brotherhood” and the elite of the Roman Catholic Court, especially the Office of the Inquisition. An epic age-old battle over a wordless testament and the perception of Truth; a battle that has sculpted history and the geo-political landscape of much of the world.

The screenplay uses the centuries-old battle for the hearts of man, as scaffolding to share the real value of this ancient archeological object; The Silent Gospel.
This archaeological anomaly has somehow miraculously survived 200 centuries; it has traveled great distances over land and sea, gone through many wars, several fires, major earthquakes, massive floods, countless public and private expositions, all the while under constant pressures of political intrigue and subterfuge. It’s an object of veneration so unique and rare that men and woman over the ages have died to protect it from those who sought to destroy it! The story reveals the unspoken secrets; the reasons the Brotherhood have gone to such efforts to protect the Silent Gospel.  A struggle over a message that holds great value for humanity at this specific time in history! A message now approved to be told! The Silent Gospel is the cornerstone of the greatest story never told. The one powerful men and women would spend their entire lives protecting, fighting wars over and ultimately giving their lives for…the story of
“The Silent Gospel.” 

Now complete and available for your review.
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