Human Potentiality

Thamaso maa jyotir gamaya (Lead us from darkness unto Light)

Human Potentiality
The vast range of a amazing things humans have done
with and through their bodies.

This broad topic of interests drew me down a path resulting in a life long odyssey.

The path of curiosity leads to inquiry which eventually turns inward. Questions echo in ones awareness with the tingling sense that they somehow are all inter realated.

  • How does spontaneous remission occur? For it clearly does.

  • What happens to the physical “garbage”; the dead, decayed, cancerous masses of materials required to be cleaned from the body after a massive rapid healing? Doctors, science and our physics clearly do not answer to any satisfaction this mysterious question.

  • How and why does someone receive “yogic gifts”? And where in Gods name do they come from?

  • What is it in the human architecture that allows for the numerous anomalous phenomenon reported and documented by science.

The mysteries are endless when one has an open mind to explore them in there fullness.

My curiosity grew into a passion, which over the years brought me organically to look at medical, biological, and other physical phenomenon like personality disorders, and the amazing operation called the StandStill, where doctors drop an individuals physical internal temperature to 58 degrees, all electrical signals of the heart and brain cease, blood is released to take the pressure off blood vessels, the individual is more then clinically dead for an extended period, yet when revived they have memory and recall.  Not only memory of their life to that point in time but also memories of watching the operations and seeing the events unfold. Near Death, I do not think so; these individuals are more then a little dead at the time recall occurs. No electrical activity in the brain or heart, no blood coursing throughout the veins, nothing but a corpse held at 58 degrees. How? How can you be dead for hours and brought back from death? What then is the true clinical definition of death? Who or what was thinking? What or who is experience during that death like periods of time?

A list of questions and follow up inquiry had me asking questions like:
  • How do we create reality?

  • Where does a thought come from?

  • How much power is really in a thought?

  • Is meaning real?

  • Where does the qualitative sense of reality come from?

  • What is humanities purpose?

  • Does purpose have a purpose?

  • Is purpose simply a concept, just something to make us feel better?

  • And the big one, what is the nature or perception and the origins of awareness.

For these questions I turned to science, theology, philosophy, religious and mystical traditions. They all seemed to hold clues if not down right answers at times. But it only got weirder for me as the rabbit hole widened and the pull of passion drew me to the fringes where scientific inquiry is taboo and cognition and sensory perceptions like sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing fail us.

Throughout the world there are documented reports of saintly personages not decaying after death. These reports are found in a diverse number of religious traditions. But is more widely found in Christian traditions due to the value placed on the bones of saintly persons as relics.

The topic is termed Incorruptibility.

Incorruptibility is a phenomenon, where a saintly person body does not decay after death. It is real my friends, as much as it might tweak our paradigm of science, the phenomenon occurs, and has for hundreds of years. In fact bodies exhumed hundreds of years later finds a coffin sitting in water, cloth and metal rotted away, yet the body is as fresh as it was when it first closed its eyes for the final rest. How? It is not some type of mummification, I and others have looked hard at this. It has been researched under well-documented conditions. The difficulty comes in explaining it.

Incorruptibility happens in Christianity and in Eastern traditions, it occurs with men and women. It can last for days to hundreds of years. Science will not touch the subject with a ten-foot pole. Why? Well, it s my belief is that it (1) requires them to expand past there educated belief systems. (2) And It is these “systems” that support their person identities - and this illusory support is critical for them to maintain their sense of self - (3) It is deemed as proffesional suicide

But it gets even more bizarre when one looks at Rainbow Body events.

How do Buddhist Masters dissolve their physical form completely leaving barely a fingernail, if anything at all?
How do they transition off the wheel of causality completely? This phenomenon is called in Tibetan Buddhism, “Body of Light attainment” or simply the “Rainbow Body” attainment. It too is real with many cases have been well-documented, even in our modern times.

After years of researching (reading, discussing and experiencing), I’ve come to see that all these questions boil down to an attunement of the human heart by and with love.

It all comes down to the mystery of the Heart and the nature of the Self and its perspective of reality in the moment. These distills down to shifting the qualitative aspects modulating all motive. In the end selfless intent is the key to a more expansive interface with Reality.

Mind is a powerful tool in the creation of identity and ones perceptual experiential existence...skilled individuals in the arts of contemplation and concentration, are able to shift the bulk of awareness (focused attention) to the aspect of self that is timeless , some might say eternal. This radical shift to the soul or atman allows a depth of inner exploration that alters the physical laws as we currently have come to understand them.

Internal sustained harmonic resonance washes dissonance from the structures making magic and miracles possible. This is not meta physic or mystical - it's grounded science based on the nature of awareness, consciousness, mass and the genomic code.

We each are amazing mysteries of existence and my inquiry into these and many other areas of interest have lead me to the heart, the center for all that is valuable.

In a line or two, when the heart becomes perfectly purified (this is a large subject), the sacred heart manifests and self-realizes ones true nature experientially.

An energetic and biologic attunement occurs that demands entrainment of all the oscillating platforms with Truth, which is love... subatomic, atomic, molecules, cells, organs, systems; the entire body coheres, allowing for elevated states of perceptual experience. A state where “…instead of merely reflecting the spiritual light, one actively manifests the same.” (Sri Yuktaswar in Holy Science)

This apparent elevated state of existence is the goal of all living souls, yet when achieved it is realized as simply a remembering of something which has always been.

Enlightenment is remembrance of that which we all are and have always been.

Interestingly, today we can construct clear physics to explain this and many of the other psycho-spiritual phenomenon, as well as the writing within the planets spiritual texts.

As in any science, the proof is in the age-old replication of these ancient sciences...clearly there are those demonstrating to the rest of us that this is real. 

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